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Dr. Joseph Zamzow

Dr. Zamzow could not do it without his wife Ashley by his side. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Dr. Philips Hospital, and will soon be owner of The Salt Room Lakeland that will be in the new St. Luke’s Health and Wellness Center on South Florida Avenue. When she is not helping others breathe better, she is helping Dr. Zamzow breathe a little easier around the office. They have 3 children Tyler, Emma, and Liam.

Dr. Zamzow has encountered the healthiest of individuals to the most disease stricken individuals. He states: "Over the past few years I have seen the need for holistic and complete health care for patients as never before. The frequency of patients walking into my office from non-neuromuscular disease has become staggering and I knew there must be another way to help these patients. I have seen such an increase in autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic disease, gut issues, inflammatory disease, cancer, neurological disease, anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, and many others on a steep incline. Other than medication and treating the symptoms only as the medical profession does, what are the patients to do? Who is to help? People are sicker today than ever before.

The foods we eat, the products we use, the air we breathe, the medication we are given from an early age, and the genetics we inherit have made us a very sick nation. Help must come from looking at the persons own DNA, laboratory test, and functional analysis to pre determine the patients overall health and improve their quality of life. We must discover why a person got sick, and not just assume that everyone does or that it is a NORMAL part of life, and we definitely cannot just treat the symptoms without giving the patient an answer to what is the actual disease state and why. There is a reason for the illness and it must be discovered. We must be the FBI of the human body." Dr. Zamzow has seen the need for a much more extensive treatment of the individual from a NATURAL internal medicine standpoint. "There is such a rise in auto immune disease and inflammatory process within the body that one must look at the internal anatomy of the human body. Adjusting patients is not enough, you must look at every aspect of the human body. We must get back to the WHOLISTIC approach that people depend on us for".

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