Alternative Medicine


Alternative Medicine

Velocity Chiropractic & Rehab is an alternative health center with a team of practitioners who understand that treating a certain symptoms does not always deal with the real health problem. Microorganisms and toxins we consume and inhale daily can slowly cause autoimmune disease that end up being major health problems. Our experienced doctors go beyond the patient's symptoms by considering the body as a whole. At Velocity Chiropractic & Rehab we study health history, medical tests,lifestyle, and even chemicals in order to prognose and create a simple effective treatment plan. Our goal at Velocity Chiropractic & Rehab is to help you truly get better removing the root causing issues of your health. Our team is committed to assist you in achieving your optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health by education.

Just because you lose weight...
DOESN'T mean you're healthy.

"Good doctors know what to do and great doctors know why."
What is a Chiropractic Internist? A Chiropractic Internist deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, treating through natural methods. As a Chiropractor we look at systems such as the MUSCULAR SYSTEM and SKELETAL SYSTEM. As a Chiropractic Internist, We look at different systems within the body and how they are functioning; such as INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, NERVOUS SYSTEM, LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, URINARY SYSTEM, REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM, CELLS, TISSUES, and ORGANS. We look to improve the function of these systems.

What types of people do we see?

Easy answer is anyone. Patients with Thyroid, Diabetes, Lipid abnormalities, infections, Anemia, and much more. We see elite athletes who are trying to better their performance, the induvial wanting to lose weight, the individual wanting to feel energy again, the individual wanting to be out of pain, the individual wanting to just be the healthiest they can be, the individual wanting to know how genetics will affect them. We will see anyone and at any age.

How does a Chiropractic Internist treat a patient?

There is no magic pill. Everyone has a different chemical makeup. Everyone has different needs. You need to be able to show and prove results to patients. Mostly we use labs: Basic and extensive blood panels, Organic acid test, Urine analysis, Genetic testing, and more. The testing depends on the patient and what we are looking for. We treat using only the best nutraceuticals. We use only the best products available. These products have been strictly regulated and tested? Products that can only be prescribed through a qualified health professional, not just bought off the shelf. These products are naturally occurring within our world, or within our body. We use various herbs, vitamins, nutraceuticals, co-factors, co-enzymes, homeopaths, and much more. We are very specific when it comes to your diet and nutrient needs. I have heard it said that God did not put anything in our bodies that is not supposed to be there, it is that we either have to much or too little. We have to look at imbalances within our own body, within the system we have. You did not feel this way or have this disease 10 or 20 years ago, so why now? Something changed. We need to see what changed and more importantly why.

How do you get started?

Call our office and schedule a consultation. You will be given a packet to take home and complete. The more time you spend on answering questions in the packet, the better this will be for the doctor. We recommend you drop off any labs (example: blood work) and any other test that you’ve had done in the past prior to your visit. This will give the doctor time to review your file before he meets with you. The consultation will usually last 1-2 hours, depending on the severity of your condition.

Your Body's Systems


The organ system that protects the body from various kinds of damage, such as loss of water or abrasion from outside including skin, hair, and nails./p>


The system that circulates blood and lymph through the body, consisting of the heart, blood vessels, blood, lymph, and the lymphatic vessels and glands.


The brain, spinal cord, and network of nerves that extend out to the rest of the body affecting numerous processes.


Network of vessels that collects fluid from tissues and returns it to the blood. It also contains groups of cells that protect the body against infection.


Centered on the lungs, which work to get life-giving oxygen into the blood. They also rid the body of a waste product, carbon dioxide.


Many body processes, such as growth and energy production, are directed by hormones. These chemicals are released by the glands of the endocrine system.


The digestive system takes in the food the body needs to fuel its activities. It breaks the food down into units called nutrients and absorbs the nutrients into the blood.


The body’s cells produce waste products, many of which are eliminated in urine. The job of the urinary system is to make urine and expel it from the body.


The male and female parts of the reproductive system produce the sperm and eggs needed to create a new person. They also bring these tiny cells together.


The basic building blocks of the body are tiny structures called cells. The human body contains trillions of cells, which fall into several types – nerve cells, muscle cells, fat cells, liver cells, and so on – each with a different function.


Cells group together to form tissues, each with specific functions.


Brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. Each body organ has a specific shape and is made up of different types of tissue that work together. We must make sure these organs are functioning correctly.