Our Chiropractors

At Velocity we employ only the most qualified Chiropractors around. Our Chiropractors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of spine and joint conditions. At Velocity we understand that not everyone needs the same treatment. We pride ourselves in knowing a wide array of Chiropractic techniques. We deliver the most affective and advanced treatment options around. Your future health depends on proper balance within the spine and nervous system. We focus on teaching the patient proper body biomechanics, so even after they leave our office they can continue to improve. Check out our section on Chiropractic services to see what kind of services we have to offer here at Velocity.

Dr. Joseph Zamzow

Dr. Joseph Zamzow


“We must get back to the WHOLISTIC approach that people depend on us for.”

2000- Graduated from UCF with B.S. in Pre-Med/Biology
2003- Graduated with honors from Texas Chiropractic College with his Doctorate of Chiropractic
2004- Vice President of The Polk County Chiropractor Society
2005- Dr. Zamzow was written up in the sports page of The Lakeland Ledger for his use with cold laser therapy
2006- Physician for Victory Christian Academy football team
2007- Opened Velocity Chiropractic and Rehab
2015- Opened Velocity Chiropractic & Rehab: Which consisted of Velocity Chiropractic and The Massage Center in Sanford, FL.
2015- Became Chiropractor for Team Fabio Novae’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic (Different Techniques Available), Flexion/Distraction, Decompression, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Ice and Heat Therapy, Cryo Compression Therapy, Cold Laser, Infrared, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Paraffin Bath, Stability Vibratory Plate, Intersegmental Traction, Personal Training and development, Nutritional Consultations.

Chiropractic Care Specialist

Chiropractic care is about much more than spinal adjustments. Our chiropractors offers a complete array of chiropractic care services, including physiotherapy, massage therapy and other techniques to promote optimal health in through Central Florida.

Primarly when dealing with chiropractice care there are
three general phases we focus on...

Relief Care

If you are in pain when you come into our office, the first objective is to help you feel better. Depending on the severity of your problem, it is typical to need care 2-3 times per week for 4-12 weeks.
During the corrective care phase, muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely, thereby helping prevent injury. It is typical to need care 4-8 times per month for 6-24 months, depending on your overall health and the severity of your problem.
Once your body has fully healed, it is important to come in for periodic adjustments to avoid problems in the future. Usually, this only requires a quick visit to the chiropractor 1-4 times per month, based on your lifestyle and goals.

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